Da Longdan

Da Longdan

Da Longdan


Aerial Combat Command Battleship


United Federation of Nations


Chinese Federation

Propulsion Engine

Float System


Single Large Bow-Mounted Cannon

Special Equipment

Knightmare Frame

Number of Crew

More than 10 people


Zhou Xianglin
Kaguya Sumeragi
Empress Tianzi

Da Longdan (大龍蛋) is a mobile fortress belonging to the Chinese Federation and its successor the United States of China. It has a similar design as the Longdan though of a much larger scale. It is also noteworthy for its large bow cannon, which is perhaps the largest conventional gunnery weapon in Code Geass.

Operational History

The Da Longdan first appeared during the Kagoshima Settlement Battle where it served as the flagship and command center for the Black Knights during their assault on the Kagoshima Settlement.

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