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{{Infobox Vehicle
{{Infobox Vehicle
| image = Da_Long_Dan.JPG
| image = Da Longdan.png
| classification = Aerial Combat Command Battleship
| classification = Aerial Combat Command Battleship
| flagged ship number =
| flagged ship number =

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Da Longdan

Da Longdan

Da Longdan


Aerial Combat Command Battleship


United Federation of Nations


Chinese Federation

Propulsion Engine

Float System


Single Large Bow-Mounted Cannon

Special Equipment

Knightmare Frame

Number of Crew

More than 10 people


Zhou Xianglin

Da Longdan (大龍蛋) is a mobile fortress belonging to the Chinese Federation and its successor the United States of China. It has a similar design as the Longdan though of a much larger scale. It is also noteworthy for its large bow cannon, which is perhaps the largest conventional gunnery weapon in Code Geass.

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