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Da Longdan

Da Longdan

Da Longdan


Amphibious Floating Command Battleship


Chinese Federation
United Federation of Nations


Chinese Federation


230 meters estimated

Propulsion Engine

Float System


1x Single Ultraheavy Bow-Mounted Cannon
12x Superheavy Artillery Guns
24x Tertiary Cannons

Special Equipment

Knightmare Frames
Chinese Federation VTOL Gunships
Chinese Federation Strategic Bombers

Number of Crew

1x Captain
1x First Mate
Several Thousand Sailors
Few Thousand Marines
Few Hundred Engineers
Thousands of Knightmare Pilots


Zhou Xianglin
Kaguya Sumeragi
Empress Tianzi

Da Longdan (大龍蛋) is a class of mobile fortress belonging to the Chinese Federation and its successor the United States of China. It has a similar design as the Longdan though of a much larger scale. It is also noteworthy for its large bow cannon, which is perhaps the largest conventional gunnery weapon in Code Geass.

Design and Specifications[]

Whilst on the surface it closely resembles the smaller Longdan-class Ground Combat Command Battleship, the Da Longdan actually incorporates a Float System. Whilst it is unable to achieve true flight (likely due to either its immensed weight or underpowered Float System), it does give the Da Longdan the abillity to hover over soft bodies like water, making the Da Longdan an Amphibious Floating Command Battleship; a poweful naval asset in a nutshell.

As aforementioned, the Da Longdan is armed with the largest gun in the entire franchise, the bow-mounted cannon is an immediate threat to anything within its range, one-shotting other capital ships in a single shot. Moreover, it is backed with side-mounted naval guns which are as big as the ones mounted on the Longdan and dozens of CIWS. Other than its awesome firepower, the Da Longdan's Float System allows it to cross areas that was deemed impossible to the Longdan.

The only downside is its large size making it an easy target and its slow and sluggish speed, requiring the assistance of several Asuka-class Black Knights Small Ships to protect it.

Operational History[]

The Da Longdan first appeared during the Kagoshima Settlement Battle where it served as the flagship and command center for the Black Knights during their assault on the Kagoshima Settlement.

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