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The Code Geass Wiki Policy & Standards Committee is a group of users responsible for assisting with the creation of and quality checking chapter summaries for Code Geass manga volumes and episodes for Code Geass anime arcs. The committee also has the responsibility of maintaining the quality standards of Code Geass Wiki articles by helping other users adhere to the policies of the wiki.

Further information on the Committee can be found on the Code Geass Wiki:Committee Procedures.

Committee Members

Committee Member Signature Admission Date Current Status
Councilor Simant (Talk - Contributions) SimAnt October 04, 2012 Inactive
Councilor Lelouch Di Britannia (Talk - Contributions) Lelouch Di Britannia Talk Page  October 04, 2012 Active
Councilor Anubis zero (Talk - Contributions) Anubis zero October 04, 2012 Inactive
Councilor Aassdddai (Talk - Contributions) Aassdddai talk October 04, 2012 Semi-Active
Councilor J two (Talk - Contributions)  •J two•  •[talk]•   August 9, 2013 Inactive

Committee members are also supported by the admin in the regards to their duties whether it be Code Geass Official Policy or taking part in the creation of summaries. Members of the committee can display the committee box on their page by using {{CommitteeBox}} command. The committee can only have a maximum of nine members total, including the 1st seat and 2nd seat.

It is generally advisable that people other than committee members not post on this page unless it is to ask questions about policy, point out mistakes, etc. having to do with the volumes, episodes, or user edits. The "Comments and Discussion" section below is where these issues should be posted.

Member Responsibilities

  • Regularly assist in the associate projects and to regularly check the Committee discussion page
  • Quality check the work of committee members and non-members who participate in associate projects
  • Quality check the recent edits to articles, especially articles identified as high risk
  • Quality check articles in general
  • Assist members with edits and other issues
  • Roll-back vandalism

Member Powers

  • Members have the authority to close topics that are old/resolved.
  • Move user questions or articles that are not in the correct place.
  • Help resolve issues with the site that don't require Admin intervention.
  • Monitor talk pages/Forums/Blogs.

Membership Qualifications

The criteria for selecting others require that the interested party has to be weekly active user of the wiki with a sizable number of edits, but more importantly, their edits are of good quality and useful. Good spelling and grammar is a must, and they should be able to get on reasonably well with others as having rollback rights should not be abused due to over zealousness. While anyone can be nominated to be considered for open positions, it is the admin who will discuss whether the person should be given the position. Also In light of real life no one is expected to be on all day everyday but it helps. Being on and doing some significant work other then blogging helps the site even if its every other day or a few days a week.