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A[edit source]

Akito Hyuga[edit source]

Alfred G. Darlton[edit source]

Alice[edit source]

Alicia Lohmeyer[edit source]

Andreas Darlton[edit source]

Andreas Weinberg[edit source]

Angie[edit source]

Anya Alstreim[edit source]

Arthur[edit source]

Atsushi Sawaski[edit source]

Ayame Futaba[edit source]

B[edit source]

Bart L. Darlton[edit source]

Bartley Asprius[edit source]

Benjamin Franklin[edit source]

Bismarck Waldstein[edit source]

C[edit source]

C.C.[edit source]

Calares[edit source]

Carine le Britannia[edit source]

Celtic King Eowyn[edit source]

Charles zi Britannia[edit source]

Charles' Father[edit source]

Cheng Zhong[edit source]

Claire li Britannia[edit source]

Claudio S. Darlton[edit source]

Clovis la Britannia[edit source]

Cornelia li Britannia[edit source]

Cécile Croomy[edit source]

D[edit source]

Dalque[edit source]

Denshichirou[edit source]

David T. Darlton[edit source]

Diethard Reid[edit source]

Dorothea Ernst[edit source]

E[edit source]

Edgar N. Darlton[edit source]

Empress Tianzi[edit source]

Euphemia li Britannia[edit source]

F[edit source]

Fayer[edit source]

Futaba Ayame[edit source]

Futaba Sumeragi[edit source]

G[edit source]

Gabrielle la Britannia[edit source]

Gao Hai[edit source]

Genbu Kururugi[edit source]

George Washington[edit source]

Gilbert G.P. Guilford[edit source]

Gino Weinberg[edit source]

Guinevere su Britannia[edit source]

H[edit source]

Henry IX of England[edit source]

Henry VI[edit source]

High Eunuchs[edit source]

Hong Gu[edit source]

I[edit source]

Ichijiku Hinata[edit source]

Inoue Naomi[edit source]

Isshin Sumeragi[edit source]

J[edit source]

Jeremiah Gottwald[edit source]

Joan of Arc[edit source]

Joseph Fenette[edit source]

K[edit source]

Kaguya Sumeragi[edit source]

Kallen Kōzuki[edit source]

Kaname Ohgi[edit source]

Kanon Maldini[edit source]

Karasu Tengu[edit source]

Katase Tatewaki[edit source]

Kent Sugiyama[edit source]

Kewell Soresi[edit source]

Kinoshita[edit source]

Kizuna Kagesaki[edit source]

Kusakabe[edit source]

Kyoshiro Tohdoh[edit source]

Kōsetsu Urabe[edit source]

L[edit source]

Lelouch vi Britannia[edit source]

Lenard Lubie[edit source]

Li Xingke[edit source]

Liliana Vergamon[edit source]

Lloyd Asplund[edit source]

Lord John[edit source]

Luciano Bradley[edit source]

Lucretia[edit source]

M[edit source]

Madd[edit source]

Magical Device Nemo[edit source]

Mao[edit source]

Mao (Nightmare of Nunnally)[edit source]

Marianne vi Britannia[edit source]

Mariel Lubie[edit source]

Marika Soresi[edit source]

Meeya I. Hillmick[edit source]

Mesh the Mish[edit source]

Milly Ashford[edit source]

Misuzu[edit source]

Monica Kruszewski[edit source]

Mrs. Kōzuki[edit source]

Mrs. Stadtfeld[edit source]

Mutsuki Minase[edit source]

N[edit source]

Nagisa Chiba[edit source]

Naoto Kōzuki[edit source]

Napoleon Bonaparte[edit source]

Nina Einstein[edit source]

Nonette Enneagram[edit source]

Nunnally vi Britannia[edit source]

O[edit source]

Odysseus eu Britannia[edit source]

R[edit source]

Rai[edit source]

Rakshata Chawla[edit source]

Reira Marukaru[edit source]

Renya[edit source]

Rivalz Cardemonde[edit source]

Rolo Lamperouge[edit source]

Ryōga Senba[edit source]

S[edit source]

Saburo Okawachi[edit source]

Sancia[edit source]

Sayoko Shinozaki[edit source]

Schneizel el Britannia[edit source]

Shinichirō Tamaki[edit source]

Shiori[edit source]

Shirley Fenette[edit source]

Shōgo Asahina[edit source]

Sir Dash[edit source]

Sophie Wood[edit source]

Suzaku Kururugi[edit source]

T[edit source]

Taizō Kirihara[edit source]

Three Brothers[edit source]

Tsao[edit source]

U[edit source]

Upson[edit source]

V[edit source]

V.V.[edit source]

Village Instructor[edit source]

Villetta Nu[edit source]

X[edit source]

Xia Wang[edit source]

Y[edit source]

Yoshida Toru[edit source]

Yoshitaka Minami[edit source]

Z[edit source]

Zero[edit source]

Zhao Hao[edit source]

Zhou Xianglin[edit source]

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