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Japan has been invaded and dominated by the "Holy Britannian Empire," a superpower that dominates one-third of the world, and Japan has been renamed "Area 11". The Japanese, Elevens, have been stripped of their rights, freedom, and name. Lelouch and Rolo are ruling a certain class of Britannian, while Suzaku is a Japanese who chose to live as a "Honorary Britannian" and joined the Britannian troops. The "Black Knights," the anti-Britannian forces in "Area 11", began the "Black Rebellion," a War of Independence. Zero is a mysterious person and the leader of the "Black Knights" who suddenly disappears. The disappearance of Zero caused the defeat of the Black Knights and many casualties. The "Black Rebellion" that had a huge impact on "Holy Britannia Empire" and "Area 11" was erased from Lelouch's memory.


Organizer: Musical Code Geass Production Committee

Planning: Sunrise and Bandai Namco Live Creative

Producer: Namco Bandai Live Creative, NBS and M · G · H

Screenplay and Directed By: Koichi Ogita

Music: Toshiyuki Matsumoto

Costume: Jiro True Chives

Choreography: Shingo Mori (DIAMOND ☆ DOGS)

Lighting: Junichi Kashiwakura

Sound: Sound Man

Hair: Masako Nakahara

Assistant Director: Ryoichi Fields Jong

Stage Director: Kazuhiro Ihara Millet

Production: Yoshie Nakano

Producer: Hilo Kakoi, Takaaki Suzuki and Atsushi Murata

Executive Producer: High Kei Estuary and Masayuki Ozaki