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Code Geass: Maelstrom of Libra (コードギアス 戦渦の天秤(ライブラ) ) is a mobile game created by GREE based on the Code Geass franchise, in concurrent with the Lelouch of the Rebellion timeline.


  • Crow: The protagonist as the player.
  • Libra: The heroine.
  • Var Lyonnet: The antagonist.


Involves collecting cards to battle while progressing through the main story, which intertwines with the "Lelouch of the Rebellion" anime.

Main Story[]

Imperial Year 2017, the game's protagonist who is with the Peace Mark organization as Orpheus Zevon are tasked with security duty to guard an excavation team of a new archaeological site discovered in the Middle East. One day, the protagonist comes to the aid of a strange girl named "Libra" who is pursued by a Britannian Special Ops squad called "Pluton (プルートーン)", lead by their captain "Var Lyonnet (ヴァール・ライオット)"[1]


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