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Code Geass: Lelouch the Re;surrection (コードギアス 復活のルルーシュ Kōdo Giasu Fukkatsu no Lelouch) is the upcoming movie of the anime series, Code Geass directed by Gorō Taniguchi and produced by Sunrise.[1] Unlike the previous three movies, it is an entirely new story taking place several years after Lelouch vi Britannia's "Zero Requiem" plan.


It is the second year of the Kowa Period.

The world has unified around the reorganize United Federation of Nations, and has enjoyed days of continuing peace.

But now, that peace suddenly comes to an end. Suzaku, while travelling as the masked man “Zero” accompanying Nunnally on her visit to the refugee camp, is defeated by a mysterious Knightmare Frame, and the two of them are taken away.

Following secret orders from Schneizel, Kallen, Lloyd and Sayoko infiltrate Zilkistan, the Land of Warriors, where they are attacked by a mysterious Geass user. There in Zilkhstan is a person named C.C., known to the assailants as the “former master.”

In the indomitable kingdom which once conquered even the great army of the Holy Britannian Empire, what do the people desire? Hope, or despair? The people of Zilkhstan Palace certainly know of Geass. What are they—and C.C.—planning?

Production Edit

Announcement Edit

Revival of Lelouch Poster

Promotional poster of the 10th Anniversary Project

On October 8th, 2016, ten years since the anime's first television screening, Sunrise announced via a celebratory 10th Anniversary website that a special event titled "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion: Anniversary of a Miracle" was to be held in Maihama Amphitheatre in Chiba Prefecture on November 27 that same year.[2][3] Select fans of the franchise were given invitations to the event which contained a secret code that hinted at the "Rebirth of the Demon".[4]

At the event itself, it was announced that the series would get a new installment which is set to take place several years after the events of the second season with Lelouch being a main character. A promotional video for the anime featuring characters such as C.C., Suzaku Kururugi, Jeremiah Gottwald, Cornelia li Britannia and Kallen Kōzuki was also screened after a stage appearance of director Gorō Taniguchi, screenwriter Ichirō Ōkouchi and voice actors Jun Fukuyama (Lelouch vi Britannia), Takahiro Sakurai (Suzaku Kururugi), Yukana Nogami (C.C.), Ami Koshimizu (Kallen Kōzuki) and Ken Narita (Jeremiah Gottwald) as well as a performance by ALI PROJECT and Hitomi Kuroishi. The proceedings of the event will be streamed by Bandai's Anime Channel service on December 23, 2016. The DVD and Blu-ray Disc release of the anniversary event will be on April 21, 2017, priced at 5800 JPY and 6800 JPY respectively. It will include a 2-hour digest video of the event's stage performance. As bonuses, it will include a poster by Takahiro Kimura, a post card collection by Kimura and RICCA, a booklet, and 10-minutes worth of bonus video content, these being the picture drama that debuted at the event, a new short titled Resurrection! Miracle of Baba Theater (復活!キセキのBABA劇場 Fukkatsu! Kiseki no Baba Gekijō)​​​​​, and the promotional video that announced the new project. A three-part film series was announced alongside the third installment. It will recap the entirety of the first and second season of the main series with rerecorded voice acting and new scenes. The first film opened in 2017. [5][6][7]

On August 3rd, 2018, a short PV was released and it was announced that the movie would debut in February 2019.

On October 4th, 2018, a second short PV was released revealing the movie would debut on February 9th 2019.

On December 1st, 2018, 2 more trailers were released: and Funimation added English subs to the longer of the two trailers:

During the anniversary event on December 26th 2018 the official twitter account of the movie confirmed that Lelouch would indeed be part of the movie, dispelling the fears of some fans that Lelouch wouldn't appear despite his name being in the title.


Staff Edit

Director: Goro Taniguchi

Script: Ichiro Okouchi

Original Character Design: CLAMP

Character Design: Takahiro Kimura

Original Knightmare Frame Design Concept: Akira Yasuda

Knightmare Frame Design: Eiji Nakada

Mechanical Design/ Concept Design: Kenji Teraoka

Main Animator: Takahiro Kimura, Yuriko Chiba, Eiji Nakada, Seiichi Nakatani

Art Director: Yoshinori Hishinuma

Color Setting: Akiko Shibata

Director of Photography: Hiroyuki Chiba

Editing: Seiji Morita

Sound Director: Motoi Izawa, Yasuo Uragami

Music: Kotaro Nakagawa

Distribution: Showgate

Production: Sunrise, Code Geass Production Committee

Voice Actors/Actresses Edit

  • Takahiro Sakurai: Suzaku Kururugi/Zero
  • Kaori Nazuka: Nunnally vi Britannia
  • Yukana: C.C
  • Jun Fukuyama: Lelouch vi Britannia/Zero
  • Ami Koshimizu: Kallen Kōzuki
  • Ayumu Murase: Chalio
  • Keiko Toda: Chamna
  • Nobunaga Shimazaki: Shestal Fogner
  • Akio Otsuka: Volvona Fogner
  • Kenjiro Tsuda: Swaile Kujapat
  • Wataru Takagi: Belq Batoum Bitul
  • Junko Minagawa: Cornelia li Britannia
  • Tetsu Shiratori: Lloyd Asplund
  • Kikuko Inoue: Cécile Croomy
  • Mitsuaki Madono: Kaname Ohgi
  • Nobuyuki Hiyama: Shinichirō Tamaki
  • Yūko Gotō: Anya Alstreim
  • Satomi Arai: Sayoko Shinozaki
  • Saeko Chiba: Nina Einstein
  • Ken Narita: Jeremiah Gottwald


『コードギアス 復活のルルーシュ』2019年2月公開 特報

『コードギアス 復活のルルーシュ』2019年2月公開 特報

2019年2月9日公開『コードギアス 復活のルルーシュ』劇場予告編 第1弾-0

2019年2月9日公開『コードギアス 復活のルルーシュ』劇場予告編 第1弾-0

2019年2月9日公開『コードギアス 復活のルルーシュ』劇場予告編 第2弾(30秒)

2019年2月9日公開『コードギアス 復活のルルーシュ』劇場予告編 第2弾(30秒)

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