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Code Geass: Genesic Re;Code (コードギアス Genesic Re;CODE Kōdo Giasu: Re;CODE) is an upcoming mobile gacha game released in October 4th of 2021. It is set to feature characters from different works of Code Geass.


Main Story

Crimson of the Blood Pact

Code Geass: Crimson of the Blood Pact

Code Geass: Arthur on the Misty Streets

Code Geass: Toshizoh the Unwavering

Code Geass: Zeo of the End



Genesic Re;Code


The protagonist. A boy with no memories.


A mysterious girl.


The Librarian of the Memory Library.


The Curator of the Relic Museum.

Lelouch of the Rebellion

Lelouch vi Britannia

Main article: Lelouch vi Britannia

Akito the Exiled

Akito Hyuga

Main article: Akito Hyuga

Renya of Darkness


Main article: Renya

Oz the Reflection

Oldrin Zevon

Main article: Oldrin Zevon

Orpheus Zevon

Main article: Orpheus Zevon

Crimson of the Blood Pact


The protagonist of the Crimson of the Blood Pact storyline. Known as the Crimson Tiger who possesses the strongest spear.


Known as the Azure Dragon who possesses an invincible shield, he is a friend and rival to Kou. He is also the ancestor of Li Xingke.


Kou's younger sister, she has been unable to speak since childhood.


Ryuso's fiancee, who always wants to be helpful to him. She holds feelings of inferiority towards inability to be able to compare to the abilities of Ryuso and Ruki.

Arthur on the Misty Streets

Arthur Holmes

The protagonist of the Arthur on the Misty Streets storyline. A rumored great detective, he has a gifted eye for observation and a is self-proclaimed inventor. He has a fearless and prideful personality. He lives at 222B Baker St with his partner, Conan Watson. A heavy smoker, his hobby is to play on the electric guitar he made.

Klaus Lestrade

A Scotland Yard Police Inspector, he has and undesirable yet inseparable relationship with the self-proclaimed inventor, Arthur, and is indebted to him for solving several murder cases. Lately, he has undertaken the investigation of the mysterious serial killer known as "Jack the Knightmare" who has put London in an uproar.

Toshizoh the Unwavering

Hijikata Toshizoh

Protagonist of the Toshizoh the Unwavering storyline. The Vice-Commander of the Shinsengumi

Okita Soji

Captain of the First Unit of the Shinsengumi, he is known as the Strongest Swordsman.

Zeo of the End


Protagonist of the Zeo of the End storyline. A boy who woke up memory in a world governed by an organization called the Government Bureau. Seen as an alien element to the world, he is targets for elimination. After being saved by a girl called Mirai, they embark on a journey to return Zeo's memory.


Known as the Guardian of the Senate, she serves the Senate, the superordinate organization of the Goverment Bureau that controls the world. Her appearance is the same as a human, but she is an android with emotions known as Knightmare Doll. She has been ordered by the Senate to dispose of Zeo.



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