Code Geass: Fragments of the Mosaic (コードギアス断章 モザイクの欠片 Kōdo Giasu 'Danshō: Mozaiku no Kakera) is a Light Novel series set in the Code Geass world published under Sunrise's Yatate Bunko imprint. It centers around six characters who have been affected by Geass in some way.


The Disappearing Princess

In the present, under threat of force, Hannes gua Britannia has declared his intention to make the Principality of Liectenstein's Princess, Elisa Liechtenstein, his wife. In Vaduz Castle, the country's ruler, Josef Liechtenstein, and his various staff deliberate what to do. The neighbording country of Switzerland has been conquered by Britannia, and Liechtenstein is a militarily weak country. The clear choice of action to save their country would be to work out an agreement with Britannia, but Josef is unable to meet their demands. A voice speaks to him, his daughter, though no one is able to see her. 

In the past, when Elisa had snuck away from the castle during a festival, she had an encounter with a mysterious girl. With this encounter, she had gained the ability to make herself invisible, which she would use often to sneak out from her home of Vaduz Castle at night. During one gathering of aristrocrats from around Europia, the children of two, Haida and Johanna, insulted her sister Anna, and she used her Geass to enter their room at night to play a prank on them. Opening the door loudly to wake them, she lit a candle and then used lipstick to write "I'll kill you" on a mirror, and the girls screamed as they ran out of the room. Though she knew she could not use her power in public, it would not be uncommon for her to use her Geass in mischievous ways. However, from overuse, her Geass eventually went Runaway six months prior to the start of the story.

Because Elisa's Geass has made her permanently invisible, her father Josef is unable to comply with Hannes's request, believing that their is no possible way to explain his daughter's situation. However, Anna, his other daughter, volunteers to take his place. When they contact Hannes about him marrying Anna instead, he agrees to their proposal and says that they will be married tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Hannes returns to his room on the G-1 Base, where his ten other wives are waiting. However, all of them have had their arms and legs removed. As a child, Hannes was pushed by his mother to work towards becoming Emperor, and when he failed or did not sufficiently improve, she or one of their female servants would physcally punish him, which caused him to develop a fear of women. When he was 15, the daughter of a noble by the name of Lauren took him to a bedroom and began to force herself onto him. When he pushed her off of him, she injured her leg due to the high heels she wore. In this moment, Hannes realized that a crippled women could not hurt him. He offered her to become his wife, but to do so, she would have to have her limbs removed. With his sword, he cut her arms and legs off, and in that moment, he finally found beauty in women.

In the present, Elisa and Anna talk while a party is held in Vaduz Castle for Anna and that Liectenstein will be spared Britannias wrath. Anna confesses she is worried. Elisa knows that it is difficult to be married off to a man you have never met. But also, because there are rumors about Prince Hannes, that all of his wives became seriously injured after marrying him. That night, Elisa goes to the Britannian camp, easily getting past guards thanks to her Geass. When she enters into Hannes' room, she finds him in bed with the limbless Lauren and his other wives surrounding the room. When she sees the expression of emptiness in Lauren's face, she can only think of Anna, and shoots Hannes through the eye. When guards come to investigate, she shoots them too.

The next morning, Josef and Anna come to the Britannian camp, Josef annoyed that they never showed up and would not respond to any communications. When they arrive, they are shocked to find that everyone in the camp is dead. Anna tries to find Elisa, but Elisa leaves after saying goodbye.


Elisa Liechtenstein

The protagonist of the "The Disappearing Princess" story. Princess of the Principality of Liechtenstein. She is decibed as having glossy blonde hair and fair white skin, a supple and delicate body, and a youtful appearance even at 20. In the past she had met C.C. and received a Geass from her, granting her the ability to become invisible. She is the target of Hannes gua Britannia, who has declared his intention to make her is wife due to her beauty.

Anna Liechtenstein

Elisa's younger sister, whom Elisa is very protective of. Because of her sister's condition due to her Geass going Runaway, she volunteers to take her place

Josef Liechtenstein

The head of the Principality of Liectenstein and the father of Elisa and Anna.

Hannes gua Britannia

The 17 year old Thirty-Sixth Prince of Britannia, serving as a commander in the Europia war. He has a very androgynous appearance, and could even be mistaken for agirl at first glance. His mother pushed him to various lessons so that he could one day become the Emperor of Britannia. However, because she would physically punish him or have one of their female servants do it for making mistakes or not improving sufficiently, he developed a fear of women. He has 10 wives, all of which have had their limbs removed.


  • This series's Japanes name, Mozaiku no Kakera, is similar to that of the second ending theme of the anime, Mosaic Kakera


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