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Code Geass: Fragments of the Mosaic (コードギアス断章 モザイクの欠片 Kōdo Giasu 'Danshō: Mozaiku no Kakera) is a Light Novel series set in the Code Geass world published under Sunrise's Yatate Bunko imprint. It centers around six characters who have been affected by Geass in some way.


Missing Princess

In the present, under threat of force, Hannes gua Britannia has declared his intention to make the Principality of Liectenstein's Princess, Elisa Liechtenstein, his wife. Meanwhile in the past, when Elisa had snuck away from the castle during a festival, she had an encounter with a mysterious girl. With this encounter, she had gained the ability to make herself invisible, which she would use often to sneak out from her home of Vaduz Castle at night.


Elisa Liechtenstein

The protagonist of the "Missing Princess" story. Princess of the Principality of Liechtenstein. She is decibed as having glossy blonde hair and fair white skin, a supple and delicate body, and a youtful appearance even at 20. In the past she had met C.C. and received a Geass from her, granting her the ability to become invisible. She is the target of Hannes gua Britannia, who has declared his intention to make her is wife due to her beauty. She has a younger sister, Anna, whom she is very protective of.


  • This series's Japanes name, Mozaiku no Kakera, is similar to that of the second ending theme of the anime, Mosaic Kakera


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