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Arthur on the Misty Streets (banner)

Code Geass: Arthur on the Misty Streets (コードギアス 霧京のアーサー ) is a side-story spin-off of the Code Geass series, which debuted as a crossover storyline in the Code Geass: Genesic Re;Code mobile game.



case file:beginning[]

Arthur on the Misty Streets (beginning novel)

A novel as the prequel to the series authored by Kōhei Azano with illustrations done by Sakusya2, and published by Kadokawa on March 1, 2023.

On one summer of Imperial Calendar, 1887 A.D. (Year 98), it was the encounter of 2 young men on the corners of London. One was Conan Watson, a university following his medical path, and the other was Arthur Holmes, an eccentric self-proclaimed inventor following his own curiousity. It was probably a twist of fate that with Conan's deductions and Arthur's keen eye, the two would end up being inseperable after a certain mystery and become the London's beacon of hope from hereout on.