Cockpit Ejection System

The Cockpit Ejection System (コックピットの排出システム, Kokkupitto no Haishutsu Shisutemu) is a system that disengages the cockpit from the Knightmare Frame using rocket boosters, typically they have an IFF Transponder installed. The system can be manually activated, or if the Knightmare sensors believe that the pilot's life is in danger, it will automatically eject. When the cockpit is disengaged, the head of the unit that is mounted on the cockpit is detached. The Cockpit Ejection Systems are installed to allow the pilot(s) to escape life-threatening situations that occur during battle, such as their Knightmare being severely damaged to the point that it is likely to explode. However, it should be noted that the likelihood of proper ejection is significantly lowered if the essential components of the cockpit are damaged or destroyed during battle, as seen as a result of the Guren's Radiant Wave Surger. After the rocket boosters finish firing, it can deploy a set of parachutes. However, it is also possible to disengage the Cockpit Ejection System shown in the situation with Urabe and his Gekka, where he sacrificed himself to damage the Vincent.

All production-model and most prototype Knightmare Frames are equipped with this system. The only Knightmare confirmed to lack a cockpit ejection system is the Z-01 Lancelot. This flaw is later addressed in the Lancelot Frontier, which except for its color is otherwise identical to the Lancelot. It is unknown whether Suzaku's final machine, the Lancelot Albion, had an ejection system.


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