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Clara Lanfranc (クララ・ランフランク Kurara Ranfuranku) is a member of the Geass Directorate featured in Code Geass: Oz the Reflection. She was dispatched by the Order to pose as Lelouch vi Britannia's younger sibling with the latter as bait to lure C.C., until she was killed by Orpheus Zevon and her role eventually replaced by Rolo Lamperouge.


Clara has light blue eyes and long pink hair that reached just over her hips on the back, cut at the front just over her eyes and with two short locks over her cheeks. She usually wears a large brown hat.


Character History[]



Clara's Geass, which is in her left eye, gives her the ability to make the body of another obey her commands regardless of their will by gazing at the person within her sight and calling out their name. This ability only works if she calls the target by their real name, which is why it had no effect on Orpheus while he was disguised as Oldrin with his Geass power.



  • Clara's character design resembles Chii from Chobits and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, two works designed by CLAMP.
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