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Chosei (超政, Cho Sei) is a character in Code Geass: Genesic Re;Code. He is the Emperor of the Qin Dynasty, and serves as the main antagonist of the Code Geass: Crimson of the Blood Pact storyline.



Character History[]

Crimson of the Blood Pact[]


Guntei Daito[]

Chosei's Knightmare Treasure, Guntei Daito, is a sword that allows him to reanimate corpses. Using this ability, he is able to create a near limitless army from the dead. These corpse soldiers respond primarily to sound, and can be commanded by his living soldiers by directing them with special gongs. As these reanimated bodies are already dead, they do not feel pain and are unhindered by most physical damage. However, because they rely entirely on sound, they can be stopped by any damage that renders them unable to hear such as severing the head.

The corpses performance is dependent on their proximity to Chosei and his Knight Treasure. While slow normally, their physical abilities are far greater when closest to him and such that he can direct them manually. In addition, as shown during his final battle where he removed his own eyes to prevent Ruki's Geass from being able to affect him, he can uses the eyes of his corpse soldiers to see.



  • As the Emperor of the Qin Dynasty, Chosei may be based on both of the historical figures who occupied that position as he was the only one to occupy this role in the short-lived dynasty.