Code Geass R2 10-141
Chinese Military
Leader(s) High Eunuchs
Headquarters Vermillion Forbidden City
Historical Information
Founding a.t.b. 1912 (presumably)
Dissolution a.t.b. 2018
Successor The Order of the Black Knights
Real World
First Appearance Plan For Independent Japan
Last Appearance Power of Passion
The Chinese Military includes all the armed forces that comprised the Chinese Federation and later its successor state, the United States of China. It was one of the dominant military forces in the world prior to the dissolution of the Chinese Federation.

General OverviewEdit

The Chinese Military is the main military force of the Chinese Federation at the start of the series. From what is known, it's one of the most powerful militaries in the world due to it belonging to one of the premier powers of the world. It's seen being lead by the High Eunuchs due to the young age of Empress Tianzi.

Li Xingke is the first member of the Chinese Military to be seen and he serves as a commander for the Chinese Army along with others such as Zhou Xianglin and Hong Gu. Other officers are seen in the background and have lighter uniforms compared to the heavy armor worn by Chinese Infantry members.


Ground ForcesEdit

The Chinese Ground Forces are the ground warfare of the Chinese Military. It comprises basic ground-based infantry units. The army is tasked with defending China and its interests and appears primarily in R2 following the Black Knights retreat to Horai Island following their exile from Area 11. Infantry members have dark green armor over tan-green undershirts and have noticeably more bulkier armor than the Britannian Infantry and the body armor also has plates covering the shoulders as well and a samurai-like helmet to cover the head. The standard issue Knightmare used by the Chinese Federation is the Gang Lou and come in large numbers. Chinese ground forces also use the Longdan which commands the entire fighting force. Other vehicles included are standard issue tanks and APCs among other vehicles.

Air ForceEdit

Chinese air capabilities are rarely seen in the show other than a few appearances. What is known is that the Chinese Military has their own version of a VTOL Gunship much like their Britannian counterparts and also have large bombers as well which are shown being capable of dealing heavy damage to large structures such as the Mausoleum of Eighty-Eight Emperors. Being one of the three dominant superpowers in the world, it's most likely that the Chinese Federation had a significant air capability.


The Chinese Federation was once described as being able to enforce a blockade upon Britannia and cooperated with the Europia United during the "Indochina Incident" implying that the Chinese Federation also has significant naval capabilities. During the Battle of Fukuoka Base, landing crafts are seen being used by the Japanese exiles also showing strong naval capabilities. During the First Assault on Tokyo Settlement, Chinese Federation naval vessels were assembled and deployed to the East China Sea for reasons unknown.

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