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Chinese Federation VTOL Gunship

Chinese Federation VTOL Gunship

Chinese Federation VTOL Gunship


VTOL Gunship


Chinese Federation
Japanese Resistance
Black Knights


Chinese Federation

Propulsion Engine

Float System


1x Ventral Cannon
2x Rocket Pods

Number of Crew

1x Pilot
1x Co-pilot


Kaname Ohgi

The Chinese Federation VTOL Gunship serves the same role as its Britannian Counterpart, which is to provide aerial combats and air support to the ground troops. Manufactured by the Chinese Federation and used by its military, the Gunship also managed to find its way into the hands of other factions such as The Order of the Black Knights.

During the Invasion of Kyushu the Japanese Forces led by the exiled former minister Atsushi Sawasaki deployed Federation Gunships and ground forces around Fukuoka Base to create an impenetrable perimeter around it. Even causing Cornelia great frustration when planning to retake the base, that is until the intervention of Avalon.

During Season 2, episode 6 the Black Knights found other uses for the Gunship and used it as a limited form of air taxi for its Knighmare Frames, during its mission to rescue Governor Nunnally from General Upson's forces. During episode 10 the Gunships were also deployed in massive quantities by the Eunuchs council to "rescue" Empress Tianzi from Zero, but despite their numerical advantages they were easily destroyed by the Black Knights. It later appears during the Kagoshima Settlement Battle taking part as one of the many aircraft variants in the battle against the Britannians.


CF gunship carry

Black Knights KMF's being airlifted by the Gunships

The Gunship featured a single dorsal Ventral cannon, two rocket pods that shoots FFAR (Fin Folding Aerial Rocket) on its wings, The Gunship can also be equipped with guided missile through the use of a special rack. and a bubble cockpit. It is among the two Gunships that made an appearance in the series. The Gunship is the only one seen that can also be used in a utility role which is to carry its Knightmare Frames into combat, probably as the group's answer to the Britannian VTOL Carrier, albeit a limited one. While being used in an "air-lift" mode though the Gunship cannot make any sudden maneuver because it is weight-down by the Knightmare Frame it carrying, causing it to be vulnerable by enemy attack.

List of Commanders[]


  • The Chinese Federation Gunship's design bears some similarities to the Soviet/Russian Mi-24 Hind gunship in the real world.


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