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Chinese Federation Strategic Bomber

Chinese Federation Strategic Bomber

Chinese Federation Strategic Bomber


Strategic Bomber


Chinese Federation


Chinese Federation

Propulsion Engine

Two Jet Engines


1x Bomb Bay
3x Turrets

Number of Crew

1x Pilot
1x Co-pilot


Two dozen passengers (Civilian Retrofit)
Li Xingke, Zhou Xianglin

The Chinese Federation Strategic Bomber is a very powerful air asset of the Chinese Federation. These strategic bombers hold a massive bomb bay to devastate an area.

Design and Specifications[]

The Chinese Federation Strategic Bomber is a wide boy aircraft used to hold a massive amount of ordnance to essentially carpet bomb an entire area in a single run.

These bombers are flown via two extremely large engines under each wing. As a bomber, these aircraft boasts incredible range in order to deliver its payload, however, they are comparatively slow and sluggish, making it vulnerable to anti-air ordnance.

To defend itself against enemy aircraft, the Bomber possess three turrets, one on top of the fuselage and two on the side at a 45 degree angle.

The bombers can also be converted into a more civilian role, ferrying VIPs of the Chinese consulate or military.


  • The shape of the bomber resembles a C-130 Hercules.


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