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Chinese Federation Landing Craft

Chinese Federation Landing Craft

Chinese Federation Landing Craft


Landing Craft


Chinese Federation


Chinese Federation

Propulsion Engine



2x Side Turrets

Special Equipment

2-3x Knightmare Frames

Number of Crew

1x Sailor
2x Gunners


Dozens of Chinese Marines

The Chinese Federation Landing Craft is the Chinese Federation's equivelent of the Britannian Landing Craft.

Design and Specifications[]

These boats were designed to allow Chinese marines to assault a beach head or a port in rapid succession. Compared to the Britannian counterparts, the landing craft is armed with two automatic side turrets to provide covering fire for the embarking marines. It is also large enough to carry a few Gun-Rus into battle.

Operational History[]

During the Battle of Fukuoka Base, over several fleets of landing crafts made a beach assault on the island of Fukuoka to assist with the Japanese government in exile. However, the combination of The Order of the Black Knights and the Britannian Military made the operation a failure.

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