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Chinese Federation Iceberg Ship

Chinese Federation Iceberg Ship

Chinese Federation Iceberg Ship


Iceberg Ship


Chinese Federation


Chinese Federation

Propulsion Engine


Number of Crew

1x Captain
1x First Mate
Several thousand Marines
Several thousand Sailors


Up to a million civilians

The Chinese Federation Iceberg Ship is an immense seaship built by the Chinese Federation to ferry a million exiled Japanese during the One Million Miracles event.

Design and Specifications[]

The ship itself is actually a hollow, floating barge attatched to an iceberg that is kept perpetually cool via special heat reflecting plastic polymers.

Its size is truly gargantuan, capable of housing up to a million people at once and dwarfing even other large civilian ships like tankers and cargoships. It was built by the Chinese Federation as a political ploy to hand over the Black Knights to Britannia once Empress Tianzi marries off to Odysseus eu Britannia. However, the plan failed via Li Xingke's coup d'etat.


  • The idea of using an iceberg as a makeshift ship is not a new idea as the british thought of the same thing during Project Habakkuk in WW2.
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