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Chinese Federation Artillery Tank

Chinese Federation Artillery Tank

Chinese Federation Artillery Tank


Self-Propelled Gun Tank


Chinese Federation


Chinese Federation

Propulsion Engine

Four-wheeled Drive


1x 150mm Artillery Cannon
1x Side Missile Launcher

Number of Crew

1x Driver
1x Commander
1x Gunner

The Chinese Federation Artillery Tank is the main non-Knightmare armoured fighting vehicle used by the Chinese Federation.

Design and Specifications[]

This unique vehicle combines the role of main battle tank and self-propelled gun, carrying an oversized artillery gun to offers superior firepower, greater range and higher penetration than the tanks used by Britannia. Moreover, for added firepower, it carries a side-mounted missile launcher mounted on the right-side of the tank's turret, offering further increase in its offensive power.

The vehicle has two round side doors for the crew to enter and exit and it runs on four wheels rather than traditional caterpillar tracks. Nevertheless, despite this, it seems to have mediocre armour as it gets easily destroyed by the Hadron Cannons of the Gawain.


  • The missile launcher resembles the M202 FLASH Incendiary Rocket Launcher used by the US as a replacement of the flamethrower.
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