Chinese Consulate.JPG
Chinese Consulate
Location Area 11
Primary User Chinese Federation
The Black Knights
Real World
Appears in The Day a Demon Awakens

The Chinese Consulate is an area in Tokyo Concession that belongs to the Chinese Federation. The consulate serves as a residence for representatives of the Chinese Federation who conduct foreign relations with the local government of Area 11. It is located near Babel Tower.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Chinese Federation.

It is first shown when Gao Hai along with Xingke makes his first appearance to Area 11. After the Black Knights escaped from the ruins of Babel Tower, they were given asylum by High Eunuch Gao Hai under the influence of Lelouch's Geass. Because of its nature as a consulate, the Blacks Knights received diplomatic immunity whilst inside the consulate, preventing the Britannian government from apprehending them, lest they incite an international incident. This allows the Black Knights to rescue the captured members who were meant to be executed and allow them refuge in the Consulate as well to escape the Britannian Military.

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