Chinese guard.jpg
Chinese Ceremonial Ground
Leader(s) Unknown
Locations Horai Island
Vermillion Forbidden City
Real World
First Appearance A Bride in the Vermilion Forbidden City
Last Appearance Power of Passion

The Chinese Ceremonial Guard held almost similar roles to the Britannian Royal Guards, the protectors of the Empress and the High Eunuchs, though they are shown to hold more loyalty to the Eunuchs than to the Empress. They are only seen during the transfer of Sovereignty of the Horai Island over to the Black Knights, and they are also stationed inside the Vermillion Forbidden City. They wear red robes and are armed with a traditional spear but they are also trained to use assault rifles like Chinese regulars. It is unclear but implied that there is a Knightmare branch of the Ceremonial Guard that utilizes red Gun-Ru knightmares.

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