High Eunuch - Cheng Zhong
Cheng Zhong
Full Name: Cheng Zhong

Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Gray

Death Date: a.t.b. 2018
Nationality: Chinese
Additional Information
Title: High Eunuch
Rank: Eunuch
Occupation: Politician
Real World
First Appearance: A Bride in the Vermilion Forbidden City
Last Appearance: Power of Passion
Other Info:
See High Eunuchs
Cheng Zhong (程忠 チェン・ジョン, Chen Jon), a short, older-looking man with a shrill voice and is a Hugh Eunuch of the Chinese Federation.

Character HistoryEdit

Second SeasonEdit

Cheng makes his first appearance alongside the other members of the High Eunuchs to greet Zero and the Black Knights after granting them Penglai Island. Afterwards, he and the Eunuchs plan to give Empress Tianzi and half of their territory to Schneizel in exchange for becoming Britannian nobles. They do this by a wedding between Tianzi and Odysseus eu Britannia.

However, Xingke arrives at the wedding and starts his coup to help the Chinese Federation. Zero appears and kidnaps Empress Tianzi prompting Cheng and the High Eunuchs to send their forces to stop him. Already a step ahead of the High Eunuchs, Zero has an ambush that takes out their forces. As a result, Cheng along with Zhao and Xia gives a proposal to Xingke to rescue the Empress and allows him to use the Knightmare frame, Shen Hu.

After cornering Zero and the Black Knights in the Mausoleum of Eighty-Eight Emperors, Cheng and the High Eunuchs betray Xingke and brings in Britannian forces to help finish off Zero. He has a conversation with Zero stating that the Eunuchs will become Britannian nobles by giving up half of their territories, stating that the people are ants and worthless. He is there when Zhao gives the command to fire at the Ikaruga to kill Xingke and the Empress. But, Lelouch is able to save them with his Shinkiro and also destroy most of the Eunuchs' forces. Cheng is then told that there are riots all over the Chinese Federation because of the recording of their conversation being sent out by the Black Knights. The Britannian forces pull out as a result of the High Eunuchs losing their trust with the people. This allows Xingke to break inside the Longdan and kill Cheng and the other Eunuchs.

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