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Chaos Grenade

Chaos Mine firing its shrapnel.

The Chaos Mine or Chaos Depth Charge (カオス爆雷, Kaosu bakurai) is a cylindrical, air burst grenade-type Knightmare weapon that fires large volumes of deadly fragmentation shrapnel over a wide target area. First developed by the Britannian Military, it is mainly seen employed as an optional, side armament by 5th Generation, mass-production Knightmare Frames, such as the RPI-13 Sutherland and its high performance counterpart model, the RPI-209 Gloucester.

During the early days of the First Black Rebellion in Area 11, the Japan Liberation Front developed a technology similar to characteristics of the Chaos Mine. The Raikō, a unique mobile Knightmare Frame artillery weapon created from combining multiple of their Glasgow machines together, was able to fire projectile shells which would eventually split mid-flight and spray hundreds of armor piercing shrapnel pellets towards its target.

Technical Information[]

Chaos Mines have been shown to be stored primarily within a small storage rack, that is typically located within a hidden compartment of a Knightmare Frame's thigh limb. On a Sutherland, for example, the additional thigh armor plate can open and extend outward, allowing the pilot to easily retrieve and deploy a Chaos Mine. Once activated, the Knightmare will then throw the Chaos Mine up into the air, to which the cylindrical casing will split open, exposing its square shaped, metal fragmentation shrapnel reserves within its center. The middle component then will begin to rotate and spin rapidly, and large amounts of metal, deadly and armor piercing shrapnel pieces will be shot out of the Chaos Mine at an incredibly high speed within a fan-shaped dispersion field. As it does this, the momentum and force from firing the fragmentation is able to keep the Chaos Mine suspended in the air until it has depleted all of its shrapnel. Any targets, human, or even Knightmare Frame alike, within this fan-shaped area of effect will likely be violently torn apart and killed/destroyed due to the incredibly large quantities of metal shrapnel being fired toward them at projectile level speeds. Once all fragmentation shrapnel has been expelled from the weapon, the empty canister simply drops back down to the ground, usually emitting hot smoking residue from when it was firing. It is unknown if a depleted Chaos Mine can be retrieved, refilled, and then re-used afterward once it has been activated and emptied all of its fragmentation pieces.

Despite this, It is possible to avoid the effects of a Chaos Mine's use if a target very quickly identifies and then moves out of its fan-shaped area of effect (such as if they are a Knightmare Pilot having a Chaos Mine used against them in battle) typically as the canister is being thrown into the air and hasn't yet split open to start ejecting its fragmentation shrapnel. Additionally, Chaos Mines were shown to be rather in-effective against advanced Knightmare Frame shielding technologies, such as the Blaze Luminous developed by the A.S.S.E.C and used by their Z-01 Lancelot unit. The shielding is able to withstand and completely block an entire barrage from a single Chaos Mine grenade, thus protecting the Knightmare, its pilot, and any other individuals also taking cover behind the Blaze Luminous's shield barrier coverage.

Operational History[]

The weapons were first seen during the Orange Skirmish in 2017 a.t.b, when Kewell Soresi announces to his other Pureblood Faction members during their battle with Jeremiah Gottwald, Suzaku Kururugi, and Villetta Nu, to stand back as he is about to deploy a Chaos Mine from his Sutherland against all three of their Knightmare Frames. Suzaku, using the Lancelot, quickly activates its Blaze Luminous and shields himself, Villetta, and Jeremiah, while also unknowingly at the time protecting an on foot Princess Euphemia from the barrage of shrapnel fired from the Chaos Mine until it eventually depletes itself.

During midst of the Battle of Mt. Narita, Lord Guilford piloting his Royal Guards Gloucester attempts to use a Chaos Mine against General Todoh and the Four Holy Swords in their Burai Kai's, however, they were all able to quickly spread out and dodge the attack, and the oncoming barrage of shrapnel without being noticeably damaged.