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Carly Disel (カーリー・ディゼル, Kārī Dizeru) is one of the main characters in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Lost Stories. She is the current head of the Disel family and of Disel Industries, before revealed to be the main antagonist of the game centred on the protagonist.



In public Carly gives off a noble like personality who shows some form of kindness and is blunt with her words. but deep-down Carly is a twisted individual, she is obsessed with her sister and extension her sister's children wanting to feel loved. Her "love" for her family would allow her to do extreme actions to achieve what she desires. She has no problem doing any means necessary to achieve her goals even harming a child in the process. She has no problem attacking anyone who gets in her way no matter who they are if they interfere with her objective.

Character Outline[]

Character History[]

Not much is known about Carly's background only she is the Older sister of Vaniella and is an old friend of Charles zi Britannia. She did not approve of Vaniella relationship of Soichiro Dōmeki due to him "taking" Vaniella away from her and being Japanese. At some point during Britannia invasion of Japan, she murdered both her sister Vaniella and her husband Soichiro. Her niece Leena would witness this and would be killed by her. Mario/Maya would witness Carly consume Vaniella's heart. Causing them to lose most of their childhood memories and the event that transpired.

Years later she would reunite with Mario/Maya again while accompanying Schneizel el Britannia on the Avalon. Later Carly would engage with several Britannia soldiers and fight on a one on one duel with Mario/Maya and come out victorious, though before finishing them off C.C. would intervene causing her to retreat. During the Assault on Tokyo Settlement she would engage both the Black Knights and the Britannia forces in search of her prey. She would once again engage with Mario/Maya, Carly would gain the upper hand but would retreat before either could strike a decisive blow.

Much later after the end of the Black Rebellion she would request to meet Mario/Maya again and request for them to come under her care. The latter refused and allowed them to leave. Much later, she would once again engage Mario/Maya over the Pacific and destroy Arondight.

During Lelouch's Assault on the Geass Order, she would again engage Mario/Maya after pursuing them there and come out victorious and take them back to the Disel industries branch in Shizuoka. Once they regain consciousness prior to the operation that would preserve them in the way she had done her sister's body, they would learn Carly was responsible for the death of their parents. They would escape and steal the activation key to DMX-V01. Carly would gain the upper hand due Mario/Maya being drugged but would be saved by Sapphire Kalas and Claudio S. Darlton who had been pursuing the Magdala. She would engage both of them in combat and destroy Claudio's Vincent Ward, though he would survive. Sapphire and Carly would engage in one on one duel, but before Carly could kill Sapphire they are saved by Mario/Maya who learned the controls and functions of the new Knightmare Frame and crack Magdala MVS. She would seemly gain the upper hand, but Mario/Maya would be helped by Sapphire who threw her MVS blade distracting her enough for Mario/Maya to activate DMX-V01's V-Maximum system who seemly been killed.

Later after Second Assault on Tokyo an injured Carly would enter the Britannian Military base in Shizuoka after Mario/Maya in pursuit of Clarice.


Vaniella Dōmeki[]

Carly had a deep and strong love for her sister above all else, which caused Vaniella to fear her for the lengths she would go. If she learned boys had shown interest in her, she would attack them. When Vaniella left to marry, she never told Carly where she was going or of her engagement, fearing what she would do to Soichiro. Her love for her sister would cause her to murder both her and Soichiro for "defiling" her sister, and preserve her body after her death. Her twisted form of love for Vaniella would even allow her to eat her heart to stay with her forever.

Soichiro Dōmeki[]

Carly highly disapproves of Soichiro for taking Vaniella away from her. When meeting she was rude and disrespectful towards him as she did not hide her disdain for him. After his death she would insult him further by calling him a monkey in front of their child.


Leena Dōmeki[]

Carly's Niece like with her sister she is over obsessed with her being her sister's child. She would go as far as to kill her.

Charles zi Britannia[]

Joanna Kushner[]

Joanna and Carly are shown to have a very close and intimate relationship.