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Caretaker of Spacetime is a mysterious entity who refers to itself as a collective consciousness. They are an entity who watches the balance of the world from within. They do not exist for ordinary humans, only for those who are able to see them, a select few with an awareness of Geass.


They have an appearance remotely similar to C.C., if only in facial features and hair style. While feminine in nature, they do not appear to have a true gender and only take the form of a woman for the sake of convenience. Their hair has an unnatural coloring impossible for a normal human being, even by the Code Geass universe standards.

Their outfit also features several instances of the Geass sigil, visible on their neck and as the shape of the top of their clothes.


They are detached from most worldly affairs, not bothering to interfere with things that most humans would consider relevant such as war and conquest. Rather, they originally see humans as a mistake due to their inherent greed and cruelty. They only take interest in those whose actions could upset the balance of space-time, such as Shin Hyuga Shaing, whose goal of global human annihilation would have removed a key aspect from the Collective Unconscious, even if the Caretaker themselves didn't originally view humanity with high praise.

Their interactions with Leila Malcal helped warm their mostly cynical view on humans, as her extreme altruism and wish to connect even enemies together in friendship caused them to rethink their opinion on humanity being selfish by nature.

Character History[]

Character Outline[]


The Dimensional Supervisor and Leila within their dimension.

The Dimensional Supervisor brings Leila to their dimension.

They reside in a dimension outside the physical realm, whether this was C's world, or another unnamed dimension is unknown, and are capable of interacting with a few select humans who have an awareness of Geass. They can bring others into their dimension to interact with them directly and are capable of teleporting themselves and others anywhere on earth, such as when they teleported Ashley to kill Gene Smilas. They also seem capable of manipulating time to a degree in order to suspend it, while still interacting with others in stopped time. As a being who seeks to maintain the balance of spacetime, they appear to have an awareness of events transpiring around the world, but they do not seem to being omniscient nor omnipresent. They seem to mainly be an observer of events but can and will take an active hand in matters if they deem it necessary and the situation calls for it.



  • (To Leila Malcal) "I'm nobody, to Humans, I do not exist. But, I'm visible to those who are able to see me."
  • (To Leila Malcal) "What am I, or we are is the collective consciousness. I think that falls into your terminology. We intervene in the Evolution of Universe."
  • (To Leila Malcal) "The ultimate wish of any life, is to exist for all eternity. Yet termination is destined. They eventually vanish."
  • (To Leila Malcal) "The power you have, is a fragment of Geass. The power of Geass is far greater than what humans should possess. I insist that it should be taken back from them. I thought of humans as a defective form of life. That's why they shouldn't be allowed to touch or possess it. They'd better become extinct. But maybe you will be the one to disprove my opinion."
  • (To Gene Smilas) "Their faith in each other is admirable. Way more admirable than yours, Gene Smilas. You are the one who is going to die."