Tsao and Sawasaki
Full Name: Cao

Status: Unknown
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black

Nationality: Chinese
Additional Information
Title: General of Chinese Forces
Rank: General
Occupation: Military Officer
Real World
First Appearance: Battle for Kyushu
Last Appearance: Battle for Kyushu
Voiced By: Takashi Taguchi (Japanese)
Tony Oliver (English)
Other Info:
See Chinese Federation

Cao (ツァオ, Tsuao) was a general of the Chinese Forces that were occupying Kyushu at the time when Atsushi Sawasaki declared the freedom of Japan.

Character HistoryEdit

First SeasonEdit

General Cao makes his only appearance during the invasion of Kyushu by the "Japanese Government" acting as the general of the invading army even though in the Media, General Cao is reported acting as a Humanitarian Watchdog and so it did not break the Treaty of Manila. However, he is without a doubt acting as a General for the Japanese government-in-exile.

During the battle, Suzaku using his Lancelot was able to break through and attack the base. In response, Cao and Sawasaki send waves of Gun-Ru after Suzaku in order to destroy him. Suzaku is barely able to hold off many waves before finally running out of energy and was about to be killed. Zero manages to save Suzaku using the Gawain and gives him a spare energy filler and both decide to go after Sawasaki shocking him and Cao. They manage to take down all of their forces and have them arrested. After the Battle of Fukuoka Base, Cao is exiled back to the Chinese Federation and afterwards, it is unclear to what happened to him.

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