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The Camden (カムデン, Kamuden) is a Knightmare Frame appearing in Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture. It is the mass-produced model used by the Neo Britannian Empire.

Design & Development[]

A roughly 7th generation Knightmare Frame, the Camden diverge greatly from the old Britannian knightmare design. Resembling a more boxy design with an "armoured roof". The head is attached to the "roof" rather than the "neck" from conventional Britannian knightmares. The design philosophy makes the Camden more "tanky" than comparable knightmares of its generation.

The arms are thinner and lack previous models that included the Stun Tonfas, and their legs are digitigrade rather than plantigrade. Moreover, unlike conventional wheels found on the Landspinner Propulsion Systems, the ones on the Camden sport Mecanum wheels, which gives the knightmare omnidirection propulsion, making it incredibly maneuverable.

Operational History[]

The Camden was first used when Neo Britannian forces assaulted and took over Hokkaido and remain the nation's standard-issue knightmare frames following their occupation of the island. Due to its tougher design, the Camden proved equal to the Akatsuki-Upgrade models in battle. But it is still outmatch from more advanced and personal knightmares.



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