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Callis al Britannia (カリス・アル・ブリタニア Karisu Aru Buritania) is a character appearing in Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture. He was the former 108th Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire and the former 100th Emperor of the Neo Britannian Empire.


He is a short, young boy with blonde hair and lavender eyes. He wears an oversize white cloak with blue decals and Imperial regalia. The most notable piece of clothing is the impressive crown to signify his office.


Not much is known outside of the fact that he is very timid and shy, not unlike Empress Tianzi of the Chinese Federation. He was saved by Natalia Luxembourg from a terrorist attack, making him very close to her. He is likewise, terrified of Norland von Lunebelg's presence.

Character History[]

Despite being considered the de jure 100th emperor of the Neo Britannian Empire. It is clear from the onset, that Callis was nothing more than a puppet emperor, with true power being wielded by Norland von Lunebelg.

Whilst he shares fears of Japanese due to being a survivor of an assassination attempt, he feared Norland even more. This fear is well placed, as Callis later fell victim to a second assassination attempt. This time, he did not survive, as the perpetrator was Norland himself, who poisoned him with a robotic mosquito drone[1]. Callis' death was for Norland to make way for the ascension of Sakuya Sumeragi (actually Sakura Haruyanagininomiya in disguise) as the 101st empress; de facto turning Sakura as a political hostage against the Seven Shining Stars[1].


Natalia Luxembourg[]

Natalia Luxembourg saved Callis from a terrorist attack, causing Callis to grow very attached to her. They would then chat with each other, with Callis at one point desiring to have a cafe in the palace after Natalia talked about her own cafe visit[1].

Norland von Lunebelg[]

Norland von Lunebelg raised Callis into becoming Neo Britannia's emperor[2]. Despite this, Callis harbored a deep fear of Norland, considering him more terrifying than even anti-Britannian terrorists who attempted to take his life. This fear was ultimately justified for Norland would eventually assassinate Callis himself[1].


  • His situation almost mirrors that of Empress Tianzi. Being both child monarchs who were groomed to be puppet emperors/empresses to their respective advisors whilst protected by a loyal and trusted subject. The main foil between the two, however, was that Empress Tianzi's protector was Li Xingke, a incredibly capable fighter and politician, whereas Callis only had Natalia Luxembourg, a normal civilian woman. This difference in capability was what allowed Jiang Lihua to survive her ordeal whereas Callis didn't.