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Caerleon-class Floating Battleship

Caerleon-class Floating Battleship

Carleon-class Floating Battleship


Floating Battleship


Holy Britannian Empire


Holy Britannian Empire


190.9 meters

Propulsion Engine

Float System


5x Single-barrelled Aerial Cannons

Special Equipment

Knightmare Frames
Britannian VTOL Gunships
Blaze Luminous

Number of Crew

1x Captain
Several Pilots
Several Co-pilots
Few Hundred Airmen
Few Hundred Knightmare Pilots
Few Hundred VTOL Pilots

The Caerleon-class Floating Battleship (カールレオン級浮遊航空艦, Kārureon-Kyū Fuyū-Koukūkan) is a line of Britannian light aerial cruisers, also known as "Light Avalons", which commonly serve as escort ships in the Britannian Aerial Armada. It is named after the village of Caerleon, from Arthurian legend.

Design and Specification[]

Vehicle - Caerleon class Floating Battleship

The Caerleon-class has five turrets - three on the top and two below the ship, several missile launchers and one launch catapult. It also utilizes Blaze Luminous shielding. They can carry at least 3x VTOL gunships (Operation Pacific Ocean Ambush), and presumably carry flight-capable Knightmares.

The Caerleon-class is weaker than the Logres and considerably weaker than the Avalon. In R2 episode 6, a small number of Black Knights Burai and Gekka Knightmares (the latter carrying rocket launchers) were able to disable the Float Units of four Caerleon escorts sufficiently to make them crash, even with their shields online.

The Caerleon class appears in large numbers, suggesting that it is considerably cheaper to build and maintain than larger (Logresor more sophisticated (Avalon) airships, and are generally used as escorts. The class formed the backbone of the Britannian Air Force, appearing from R2 episode 6 onward.

The Glinda Knights use a highly customized Caerleon-class, the Grandberry, as their flagship. The Grandberry, despite being classified as a Caerleon-class, is much smaller than the other ships of the class, at 190.9m, and also looks very different. In size and hull design, the Grandberry is much more reminiscent of the 200m-long Avalon.

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