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Brown Agony
Audio Drama 15
"Brown Agony"
Original Release Date May 23rd, 2007
Audio Drama Chronology
Ticket of Dreams Playing Strangers

Stage 14.821 takes place after Ohgi rescues the wounded Villetta Nu.


It begins with Ohgi ruminating on what to do in his present circumstance and pondering on recent events. He expresses his relief that Zero took over his group of terrorists and, while thinking of Naoto Kōzuki, explains that a woman in soaking wet clothes is currently sleeping in his bed. He comically states that he cleaned the place up three days ago and even changed the sheets. Villeta is heard in the background saying Zero's name as Ohgi analyzes her and notices that she has the calluses of a Knightmare Frame pilot. Ohgi gets a little carried away thinking about her supple body and comments on how he has never taken a woman's clothes off before.

At that moment he is startled by the ring of his telephone. Kallen Kōzuki is on the other line and simply wants to say that she wishes the Black Knights uniforms were cleaned more often. The reason being that even when they are working in the warehouse they get sweaty and the clothes stay that way until washed after a mission. Ohgi takes this as a sign that he needs to get Villeta out of her wet clothes. He then asks Kallen what article of clothing she takes off first but realizes how weird that is and tries to correct himself by asking how she takes them off. Which is pretty much just as awkward. He finally asks how she would want someone else to take her clothes off and Kallen hangs up.

As Ohgi debates on how to fix things with Kallen, Tamaki calls instead. He is in the bar under Ohgi's house with all of the new recruits and is kind of drunk. He reprimands Tamaki but then asks him how to take off a woman's clothes as he expects Tamaki to have experience. Tamaki suggests stroking the right places and a girls laughter is heard in the background. This doesn't seem to help Ohgi at all.

Next, Zero calls and says that Kallen had just called him and told him that something was wrong with Ohgi. Lelouch misunderstands as well and begins deploying troops to rescue Ohgi. Ohgi has to hang up when Tamaki begins pounding on his door trying to get him to come out. Ohgi quickly makes Tamaki leave and turns his attention back to Villeta.

Ohgi decides to close his eyes and then fumbles around as he haphazardly removes her clothing only to get stuck on the trickiest part of all; unhooking the bra.