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Britannian Transport Plane

Britannian Transport Plane

Britannian Transport Plane


Transport Plane


Britannian Military
Neo Britannian Empire


Holy Britannian Empire

Propulsion Engine

Four Jet Engines


Dozens of Air-to-Ground Missiles
7x Double-barrelled Ball Turrets (optional)

Special Equipment

Britannian Tanks
Britannian APCs
Britannian Jeeps
Knightmare Frames

Number of Crew

1x Pilot
1x Co-pilot


Two dozen Soldiers and/or Airmen

The Britannian Transport Plane is a military transport aircraft responsible for carrying ground troops safely across the battlefield. The plane first appeared in Episode 1 flying over the Shinjuku Ghetto in search of a missing "Chemical Weapon" that was captured by the Japanese Resistance. One of the soldiers sent to secure the bomb was Suzaku Kururugi. Suzaku managed to find the missing weapon which turned out to actually be C.C.


The plane has limited VTOL capability, and is able hover in the air to drop troops with relative ease. It is equipped with retractable cables which allow troops to rappel down from the plane without the need to land. It is also large enough to possibly carry a few ground vehicles like tanks, APCs or even Knightmares.

Like the Knightmare VTOL, the plane has a white paint scheme with an orange trim. In the introduction of Code Geass: Akito the Exiled, the Transport Plane was shown carrying and firing a barrage of air-to-ground missiles, showing that it is capable of offensive maneuvers as well.

While it is largely reserve for transportation purposes, it is capable of being armed with air-to-ground missiles as well as seven double-barrelled ball turrets (One on the top of the cockpit and six on the side of the fuselage) as seen in Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture; turning it into a makeshift gunship.


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