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Britannian Tank

Britannian Tank

Britannian Tank


Main Battle Tank


Britannian Military
Neo Britannian Empire


Holy Britannian Empire

Propulsion Engine

Six-wheeled Drive


1x Tank Cannon
1x Pintle-mounted Machine Gun

Number of Crew

1x Commander
1x Driver
1x Gunner

The Britannian Tank is the main battle tank of the Britannian Army. Next to Knightmares, the Britannian Tank is one of the most common armoured fighting vehicles utilised by the Holy Britannian Empire.


Unlike most tanks, the Britannian Tank is not driven on tracks, rather, it is driven on a six-wheel drive system. This suggests that the tank is actually a modification of the Britannian APC. The tank is heavily armoured as expected from such a vehicle, however, its side and rear armour is significantly weaker as RPGs and the weapons wielded by Sutherlands are able to penetrate it.

Nevertheless, the tank is armed with a main battle cannon of unknown calibre, capable of firing different types of ammunition at high velocities. For secondary weapons, it is armed with a pintle-mounted machine gun to deal with light infantry trying to flank the vehicle.


  • Due to wheels having a higher ground pressure than tracks and a more ineffecient weight displacement, the tank is only applicable on urban roads. It is therefore, unknown why Britannia decided to forgo the use of tracks.


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