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Britannian Superheavy Railway Gun

Britannian Superheavy Railway Gun

Britannian Superheavy Railway Gun


Superheavy Railway Gun


Britannian Military


Holy Britannian Empire

Propulsion Engine

Railway Tracks


1x Superheavy Artillery Cannon

Number of Crew

1x Commander
1x Gunner
Several Drivers
Several Groundsmen

The Britannian Superheavy Railway Gun is an immense artillery platform used by Euro Britannia to shell Europian positions in the Eastern Front.

Design and Specifications[]

It is largely dependent on tracks and its large size and limited movement makes it vulnerable from enemy counterattack. As such, several Knightmare Frames are used to guard these vehicles from enemy attack. Nevertheless, despite these vulnerabilities, its immense calibre of its gun mixed with its incredible range of 500km and firepower, makes these Railway Guns a formidable weapon to be used against the United Republic of Europia.

Code Geass: Akito The Exiled[]

In the OVA, a few of these were stationed in the Easter Front to shell the positions of the Alexanders, half of which was automated and operated by Leila Malcal. Despite the immense blast destroying a few of them, their fast speed and agility means that the majority of the Alexander's survived the barrage.



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