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Britannian Jet Fighter

Britannian Jet Fighter

Britannian Jet Fighter


Multirole Fighter


Britannian Air Force


Holy Britannian Empire

Propulsion Engine

Two Jet Engines


2x Machineguns
Unknown number of Missiles

Special Equipment

Internal Weapons Bay

Number of Crew

1x Pilot

Used by the Britannian Airforcethe Britannian Jet Fighter serves its role as a fighter airplane. The plane only made a single appearance in a flashback on the first episode during the Britannian invasion of Japan, since then it was never to be shown again possibly replaced by Knightmare with Float System.

Although on Season 2, Episode 6 it was referenced by Shogo Asahina. In the manga, numerous designs of the Britannian Carrier-Battleship and the Dreadnought-class Carrier-Battleship show that they carry a plethora of what appear to be carrier-based variants of these fighters.


The Britannian Jet Fighter appears to be based on the real-life YF-23, particularly due to its V-tail and wing configuration, twin engines, a possible internal weapon bay and the YF-23's general shape, but has differences in its design such as a tail boom and the air intakes being mounted at the top of the fuselage.


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