Britannian Jet Fighter

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Britannian Jet Fighter


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Britannian Air Force


Holy Britannian Empire

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Internal Weapon bay

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Used by the Britannian Airforcethe Britannian Jet Fighter serves its role as a fighter airplane. The plane only made a single appearance in a flashback on the first episode during the Britannian invasion of Japan, since then it was never to be shown again possibly replaced by Knightmare with Float System.

Although on Season 2, Episode 6 it was referenced by Shogo Asahina.


The Britannian Jet Fighter shared the same look with the real-life YF-23 from its wings configuration, twin-engine and possibly an internal weapon bay, but it does not share the same stealth characteristic with the F-22 due to its metallic-like appearance and its twin air intakes sticking out from the top of its body.


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