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The Holy Empire of Britannia is ruled by the Britannian Imperial Family (皇室, Kōshitsu), with its members holding the highest positions within its government and military. The Imperial Family are descended from Sir Ricardo von Britannia, the designated heir and lover of Queen Elizabeth III.

Each of member of the Britannian Imperial Family is ranked according to their position in court, which includes the Emperor's consorts as well as his sons and daughters. The ranking of a prince or princess is dependant on primarily on birth order and the rank of the individual's mother. For example, Clovis is the Third Prince while Lelouch is the Eleventh Prince. Lelouch's mother, Marianne, was the Emperor's Fifth Empress. The numbering of the Imperial princes and princesses is sorted by gender; for example, Euphemia is the Third Princess and Clovis is Third Prince.

The princes and princesses use the same nobility particle as their mother, though the usage does not mirror any real-world method. The female members are entitled to elect a personal guardian called a "Knight," who are given authority and placed directly under their command, with their own unit. Cornelia's Knight is Guilford who, along with her, commands a unit of Knightmare Frames. Suzaku Kururugi also served as personal Knight to both Euphemia and Lelouch (as the Emperor of Britannia), donning the title "Knight of Zero" in his service with the latter.

The ranking of the individual is not the sole determination for the order of succession for the throne, which can change depending on the prince or princess's actions or even the whim of the Emperor. Third Prince Clovis has a higher position in the line of succession than his sister, Third Princess Euphemia, because his mother Gabrielle is higher ranked than Euphemia's mother. In turn, Euphemia's mother held a higher position than Lelouch's mother, Marianne; while Euphemia was younger than Lelouch, her mother's position gave Euphemia a higher position in the line of succession. In contrast, Euphemia's older sister, Second Princess Cornelia, holds a higher position for the throne than Clovis's due her her accomplishments in the battlefield. Sharing the same mother, however highly ranked, also does not necessarily guarantee a higher position for the throne - Lelouch's original position was 17th while his sister Nunnally was 87th in line for the throne.

Britannian Imperial Family

Current Members

Leaders/Members/Imperial Consorts Image
Charles zi Britannia (98th Emperor) - (Deceased) Charles-di-britannia
Lelouch vi Britannia (99th Emperor/Eleventh Prince) - (Deceased) LelouchviBritannia
Nunnally vi Britannia (100th Empress) Nunnally
Odysseus eu Britannia (First Prince) - (Status unknown after the incident in Pendragon) Odysseus eu Britannia
Guinevere su Britannia (First Princess) - (Status unknown after the incident in Pendragon) Lelouch 1
Schneizel el Britannia (Second Prince) 200px
Cornelia li Britannia (Second Princess) Cornelia
Clovis la Britannia (Third Prince) - (Deceased) Clovis la Britannia
Euphemia li Britannia (Third Princess) - (Deceased) 200px
Carine le Britannia (Fifth Princess) - (Status unknown after the incident in Pendragon) Code-geass-12-carline-le-brittania
Marianne vi Britannia (Fifth Imperial Consort) - (Deceased) Marianne09
Gabrielle la Britannia (Imperial Consort) - (Status unknown after the incident in Pendragon)

Former Members

Leaders/Members Image
Charles' Father (First Prince) - (Deceased) Charles father
Alec la Britannia (91st Emperor) - (Deceased)

Other Members of the Imperial Family

The following includes members of the Britannian Imperial Family who appear in side-stories and other material related to the Code Geass series. Some members may be non-canonical to the primary Code Geass timeline.

Video Game Characters


Castor rui Britannia on the upper right and Pollux rui Britannia on the lower right

Castor rui Britannia (キャスタール・ルィ・ブリタニア, Kyasutāru ru~i Buritania) and Pollux rui Britannia (パラックス・ルィ・ブリタニア, Parakkusu ru~i Buritania) are a pair of twin princes introduced in the Code Geass video game for Nintendo DS. Repeat playthroughs of the storyline add them as new antagonists to allow the recruitment of Cornelia and Euphemia, as well as certain other Britannian officers.

The princes are both Knightmare Frame pilots; Castor pilots the Knightmare Frame Equus and his brother pilots the Knightmare Frame Aquila. They both also possess a unique Geass ability. While Pollux uses an inferior version of Lelouch's power, Castor's ability allows him to telepathically communicate with his twin brother. To Pollux's annoyance, he is frequently mistaken for his brother.

The brothers are named after the Castor and Pollux, twin brothers from Classical mythology who becomes identified as the twins in the constellation of Gemini.

Code Geass: Renya of Darkness

Claire le Britannia is the princess of Britannia during Japan's Edo era, originally sent to Japan at a young age by her parents to avoid being harmed by the conflict amongst the members of the Imperial Family. In Japan, she resided in a hidden village of fallen Japanese nobles under the alias of "Carla".

Her identity is later revealed to her friends when Andreas Weinberg arrives in Japan with the purpose returning Claire to Britannia as its next empress.

Code Geass: Oz the Reflection

Maribelle mel Britannia is the 88th Imperial Princess of Britannia and the founder and leader of the Glinda Knights, a counter-terrorism organization within the Britannian military. Though she appears gentle and refined, she personally serves on the frontlines as the captain of the Granberry, the Glinda Knights' floating airship. Thanks to her keen strategic abilities, she gained the favour of Second Prince Schenizel, who granted her priority use of any prototype machines developed by Camelot for the Knights of Rounds.


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