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Britannian Destroyer

Britannian Destroyer

Britannian Destroyer




Britannian Navy


Holy Britannian Empire



Propulsion Engine



1x Deck-mounted Naval Gun
1x Bow-mounted 4-by-2 VLS

Special Equipment

1x Britannian VTOL Gunship

Number of Crew

1x Captain
1x First Mate
Few Hundred Sailors
Few Dozen Marines
Several Engineers
1-2x VTOL Pilots

Britannian Destroyers, may have been modeled on the real-world Type 45 Destroyer. No class-name or ship names are given. Its armament includes a deck-mounted cannon and a vertical missile system, which can fire ASROC, though it may include missiles of other types. On the stern, there is a helipad.


It was used alongside the Carrier-Battleship class during the mission to Fukuoka Base to serve as a support role for Cornelia's task force, but heavy tempest by the Chinese Federation forces during the mission halted her forces.

In 2018, during a war with the Europia United the Destroyers bombard the shore of a Europian coast. Providing cover for Suzaku to attack the defending Europian forces.

Later that year, Suzaku Kururugi mobilized a naval battle-group of 32 ships to entrap the Black Knight's Ikaruga, with multiple Destroyers. In the ensuing battle, the ships are damaged when the water beneath them bubbled with methane hydrate, neutralizing the ships' buoyancy and capsizing the entire fleet, including all of the Destroyers.


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