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Britannian Armoured Train

Britannian Armoured Train

Britannian Armoured Train


Armoured Train


Britannian Military


Holy Britannian Empire



Propulsion Engine

Railway Tracks


2 Frontal Cannons

Special Equipment

10-15x Knightmare Frames

Number of Crew

2x Drivers
1x Conductor
2x Gunners
Several Train Stewardess


Several hundred passengers

The Britannian Armoured Train is a type of train used to ferry equipment, infantry and vehicles such as Knightmare Frames into combat.


Due to its role, the Armoured Train, true to its name, is heavily armoured. Moreover, it is armed with two frontal cannons situated at the top; one for each locomotive engine. This is needed as the Armoured Train is designed to ferry these loads in a fast and effecient manner.

Because of the presence of tracks, the Armoured Train is designed for more on logistics and at the very least, defense rather than a true offensive vehicle. The length of an Armoured Train varies based on the amount of cars it is linked up to.

When not in use for war, these trains can be converted into heavily armed civilian transports where it can house up to several hundred passengers.

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