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Britannian Ambulance

Britannian Ambulance

Britannian Ambulance




Holy Britannian Empire
Euro Britannia


Holy Britannian Empire
Euro Britannia

Propulsion Engine

Four Wheeled Drive



Special Equipment

Medical Equipment

Number of Crew

1x Driver
1x Doctor
2-3x Nurses

The Britannian Ambulance is a common military-civilian vehicle used by the Britannian Military as a form of medical truck used to heal sick and wounded Britannian personnel from battle or a violent incident.

Design and Specifications[]

These yellow ambulances are a large vehicle that is big enough to hous multiple wounded personnel and have its own sickbay. It has two side doors plus a back door for ease of ferrying in-and-out of the ambulance.

Due to their role in reciprocating wounded personnel, the ambulance is a rear-line vehicle, with several often grouped with a nearby G-1 Base Land Cruiser. As such, they are unarmed and unaroured, making them vulnerable to hijacking or being destroyed.


  • Due to the sheer size of vehicles in Code Geass, the ambulance would actually be similar in length to a normal city bus.
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