Britannian Air Force

Britannian Air Force

Actual airplanes are rarely, if never, used in combat by the Empire, though VTOL gunships and Knightmare VTOL are often seen, the latter used as Knightmare dropships. Since the development of efficient float systems, large hoverships like the Avalon are beginning to dominate the Imperial skies. They serve much the same role landcruisers do on the ground, though still heavily-defended and capable of reaching considerable speeds. Similar float systems are now being equipped onto Knightmare Frames, rendering them capable of the same role that traditional combat aircraft would have served pre-invasion of Japan.

Deployment History

The Invasion of Japan

Little is known about the Britannian Air Force during the Second Pacific Wars other than they also participated in the war, during the opening scene of the first episode they also posses the capability to transport the first combat Knightmare Frame Glasgow with the very first Knightmare VTOL.

The Black Rebellion

Post Japanese invasion by the Britannian Army have left the Air Force with little to do in Area 11 and such it let the Britannian police VTOL to patrol the Tokyo skyline and in a extreme emergency such as terrorism the Air Force sometimes utilize a Knightmare VTOL to drop a Knightmare Frame in order to neutralize the threat, only during a military skirmishes and campaign that the Britannian Air forces made an appearance, the first notable thing about this timeline is that a Military Jet other than a transport plane is absent..

The Second Black Rebellion

After the creation of the Avalon that uses the revolutionary Float System the Britannian Air Force quickly enter another Battleships of its kind to its addition, in just a short time the Carleon-class and the Logres-class dominate the sky of Area 11, the emergent of a smaller Float System let the Knightmare Frame to take flight and let them to fill the role of a Combat Aircraft while having it's designation change a little, the Holy Empire of Britannia is the only Nation that posses a Battleship of its kind with the exception of the Black Knights and the U.F.N.

Airship Inventory


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