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The Brighton is a Knightmare Frame developed by the Holy Britannian Empire.

Design and Development[]

Designed by Christina Palla, the Brighton was developed after the Vincent went into production. It was designed to be a high-level command machine meant to lead Vincent Wards in battle and therefore, is a heavy duty and heavily armoured Knightmare meant for frontline combat. It is also heavily armed as well, carrying a forearm-mounted gun and a extremely powerful foldable railgun for range whilst a forearm-mounted blade for close combat.

Operational History[]

Developed in Area 20 under Christina Palla, Della Barretta served as the Brighton's test pilot. When the Emperor bestowed the memories of Zero to James Aero with his Geass as part of a plan to track down C.C., and under orders from Bismarck Waldstein, Christina was to act as a contact to James and gave him the activation key, code to the Brighton, and instruction on how to steal and return it to Area 11. Della, however, was unaware of the plan and sortied in a Sutherland Air to stop the theft. Though the Brighton proved superior to the opposing machine, due to James's own hesitation and growing uncertainty with "his" memories, he was shot down and perished in the machine's destruction. Though this machine was destroyed beyond repair, Christina told Della that she still had the plans and data and could build another machine.

Around 30 Brighton units were eventually rolled out and saw combat, including during the Second Assault on Tokyo Settlement.



General Characteristics

Design Features


  • 1x Left Forearm-mounted Blade
  • 1x Right Forearm-mounted Gun
  • 1x Foldable Railgun
  • 2x Hip-mounted Slash Harkens



  • Like many Britannian Knightmare Frames, the Brighton is named after a city in England.
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