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The Bradford Brave is the renovated version of the Bradford, deployed as part of the Emerald Plan. The unit is piloted by Leonhardt Steiner.

Design and Development[]

The Bradford Brave was developed for the "Emerald Plan". It has a new head unit equipped with the mutual information link VTDS (Vates Tactical Data System). Its plasma propulsion motor has retrofitted into a Float Unit. The Megiddo Harkens were added with an armament unit to couple with melee and ranged combat called Megiddo Dual Harkens, though still retaining the original Megiddo Harkens, while the new Dual Harkens can be detached and held by the hand manipulators. While combined with the Lancelot Grail or Lancelot HighGrail, the nose portion can generate Blaze Luminous prongs, creating the Luminous Ram for charge attacks.


General Characteristics

Design Features


  • 2x Custom Dual Arms (KMF: Tungsteen Steel Blade, KGF: Linear Rail Cannon)
  • 2x Meggido Dual Harkens (melee: Schrotter Steel Blade, range: Linear Rail Cannon)
  • Hadron Spear

Optional Armaments

  • Luminous Ram (while combine to the Grail)


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