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Blood of the Samurai Skirmish
Part of Cornelia’s Hunt for Zero
Blood of the samurai
Britannia fights the Blood of the Samurai
Date August 20, 2017 a.t.b.
Location Area 11
Result Britannian Victory
Holy Britannian Empire Blood of the Samurai
Cornelia li Britannia Unknown
Cornelia's Gloucester
15 + Tanks
Multiple Knightmares
Multiple Cannons
15 + Soldiers with Small Arms
Casualties and Losses
None Near 100% loss of all personnel and equipment

Blood of the Samurai Skirmish was an assault on the headquarters of the Blood of the Samurai faction by the Britannian Military under the command of the Second Princess of Britannia, Cornelia li Britannia.


After the death of Prince Clovis Cornelia was made the new viceroy of Area 11. Her main priority, upon arrival, was to locate Zero and extract revenge for the murder of her brother. In order to accomplish her goal she began a campaign to search for him and destroy any other terrorist factions. This battle was one of the first that she conducted on Japan.

The Battle[]

The battle depicted is a very brief one. The Holy Britannian forces have surrounded a mountain that doubles as a base of operations for the Blood of the Samurai. The terrorists have many cannons all over the mountain that fire down upon the Britannians to little avail. In response the Britannians use their tanks to provide suppressing fire as Princess Cornelia uses her much more advanced Knightmare to assault the cannons from the summit of the mountain. With relative ease she destroys several cannons and then makes her way inside the base alone, having refused assistance from Guilford. Inside she finds over a dozen terrorists armed with machine guns. They begin to fire upon her Knightmare but she is not concerned as the light weaponry cannot cause her any damage. She casually looks around for Zero and, after she concludes that he is not there, she guns down all the terrorists.


The news of the destruction of the Blood of the Samurai quickly spreads to the other terrorist groups across Area 11. This news rattles Kaname Ohgi and his group of rebels. He calls Zero for reassurance, as Ohgi is sure that his group will be the next ones to be destroyed, but Lelouch simply tells him to stay calm and hangs up. To Lelouch this call is a sign that Ohgi is becoming too familiar with him and he contemplates the possibility of cutting ties with them. Aside from this, very little attention is given to the Blood of the Samurai.

Remaining members of the Blood of the Samurai later joined the Black Knights and participated in the First Assault on Tokyo Settlement during the Black Rebellion.