Blood of the samurai
The Base of the Blood of the Samurai
Blood of the Samurai
Locations Central Japan
Real World
First Appearance The Stolen Mask
Last Appearance At Least with Sorrow*
Other Information
*Remnants of Group Were Only Mentioned

Blood of the Samurai was one of many resistance group scattered across Japan. Classified as a Terrorist Organization by the Britannian. The group was destroyed by Cornelia and was the first major victory by the Britannian against the Japanese Resistance.


The organization is depicted quite briefly . Its demise by the Britannian military was even more brief. The Holy Britannian forces have surrounded a mountain that doubles as a base of operations for the Blood of the Samurai. The terrorists have many cannons all over the mountain that fire down upon the Britannians to little avail. In response the Britannians use their tanks to provide suppressing fire as Princess Cornelia uses her much more advanced Knightmare to assault the cannons from the summit of the mountain. With relative ease she destroys several cannons and then makes her way inside the base alone, having refused assistance from Guilford. Inside she finds over a dozen terrorists armed with machine guns. They begin to fire upon her Knightmare but she is not concerned as the light weaponry cannot cause her any damage. She casually looks around for Zero and, after she concludes that he is not there, she guns down all the terrorists.

Remnants of the group joined the Black Knights army prior to the First Assault on Tokyo Settlement


BOS inner base

Blood of the Samurai inner base

Before its demise by the Britannian military, the group was the largest in central Japan and boasted impressive firepower. The group base was located safely inside a mountain giving them protection from almost anything. Their main line of defense was multiple AA guns which seem to be a relic of past war, because Cornelia refer them as "ancient junk." They mobilize their guns by moving them along the rail line. Inside the base there's a central rail line where they can be deployed quickly in case of enemy attacks.


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