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Lancelot - Blaze Luminous

The Lancelot's Blaze Luminous in action.

Blaze Luminous (ブレイズルミナス, Bureizuruminasu) is a system that projects energy in the form of shields around a nearby target. Developed by Lloyd Asplund and Camelot, the shield exists as a space created due to the super compression of a Coulomb field. It was designed as an energy armor system that applies the breakdown phenomenon. It is first demonstrated by the forearm shields on the Lancelot in 2017. Since then, the Blaze Luminous system has been implemented onto aerial craft like the Avalon and Damocles, as well as several other Knightmares.

The amount of energy required to maintain the shields is proportional to the amount of energy being blocked by the shields. Typically, this is reserved for large airships, as the power usage is quite significant. When active, it usually gives off a green colored glow. A downfall in the Blaze Luminous is that, an airship or Knightmare that is fully covered by it is unable to attack or make offensive moves until it is off.

Later, Blaze Luminous armaments with offensive capabilities were developed, such as V-01S Vercingetorix's sword, RPI-212 Vincent's Needle Blazer and RZA-10JS Percival's Particle Drill Lance. The Lancelot, as part of its reconfiguration into the Lancelot Conquista, received a special version of the Blaze Luminous shield. Together, its four chest Blaze Luminous emitters could produce a conical barrier called the "Core Luminous Cone", which could extend several feet ahead of the Lancelot and even cover the entire unit.

During the reconfiguration of the Guren Flight-Enabled Version into the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements, Cécile Croomy adapted the Blaze Luminous into a new, experimental Float System called the Energy Wing System. This experimental system worked by oscillating the Blaze Luminous into “wings”, enabling ultra high-speed flight. The Energy Wings were able to fulfill the purposes of attack, defense, and movement all at once. After achieving exceptional results on the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N., the Wings were incorporated into the Lancelot Albion. The Albion’s wings displayed improvements over the Guren’s, using the Blaze Luminous to release crystalline energy projectiles and produce clear afterimages of the Albion itself to deceive opponents.

Technologies similar to the Blaze Luminous include the Black Knights' Radiant Wave Shielding, as well as the Shinkiro's Absolute Defense System


The first appearance of a Blaze Luminous was seen equipped onto the Lancelot and was used during the Skirmish in Shinjuku Ghetto. After seeing successful results from the Lancelot, the Blaze Luminous was incorporated into the Avalon. The Blaze Luminous is later equipped to many of the other Britannian airships as well as other Knightmares such as the Mordred, whose Blaze Luminous could cover the entire machine, similar to the Conquista's Core Luminous Cone. The Damocles was shown to have a massive version of the Blaze Luminous as well, capable of covering all areas of it, and most likely being the most powerful version of the Blaze to be produced.

In Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection, it is shown that, during the Kowa Era, further developments on the Blaze Luminous had been achieved. The Kingdom of Zilkhstan was shown to possess the system, which was incorporated into the Nagid Shu Mane, the personal Knightmare of Shalio. Its shoulder-mounted shields each possessed a Blaze Luminous generator. In the case of the Black Knights, the Blaze Luminous had been successfully incorporated into the EM Jousting Lance originally employed by Britannia. These weapons were utilized by the new personal squad led by Cornelia, now a member of the Black Knights. The machines that used this armament included the new Quinn Roses models, granted to Cornelia and Guilford. Lloyd Asplund, a major contributor to the Blaze Luminous's development, even incorporated the system into his own glasses. He used this special version to protect himself and Sayoko when Lelouch, after being successfully revived, Geassed the soldiers that had come for them to die, leading to them detonating a small bomb. Nina Einstein was given a pair of these same glasses.


Ever since it was first introduced for the Lancelot, the Blaze Luminous technology came to be incorporated into other Knightmare Frames as well. In total, the units that used the Blaze system, for attack, defense, or otherwise, include:

Besides Knightmares, other types of military units utilized the Blaze Luminous as well, including:


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