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Black Knights' VTOL Transport

Black Knights' VTOL Transport

Black Knights' VTOL Transport


VTOL Transport


Black Knights
United Federation of Nations


The Order of the Black Knights

Propulsion Engine

Float System

Number of Crew

1x Pilot
1x Co-pilot


Dozen passengers

The Black Knights' VTOL Transport is the support transport aircraft housed inside the Ikaruga. It is used as both as a transport plane and an escape pod in case anything were to happen to the Ikaruga.

Design and Specifications[]

The Black Knights' VTOL Transport is a relatively small VTOL used by The Order of the Black Knights to act as a scout vehicle and as a escape vehicle in case the Ikaruga was shot down.

It is painted black and dark purple, which is the colours associated with the Black Knights. As it is primarily used for transport, the VTOL is unarmed, relying on its small size and speed to evade enemy fire. It is still big enough to house a dozen passengers however.

Operation History[]

The Black Knights' VTOL Transport was only ever used once, which was during the climax at the Battle of Mt. Fuji, in which the Ikaruga was badly damaged when Lelouch vi Britannia detonated the Sakuradite reserves in Mt. Fuji, causing the volcano to erupt and engulfing the flying carriership. Everyone onboard escaped via the transport with the exception of Kaname Ohgi who wanted to stay behind as captain of the ship.

The aircraft was briefly seen again in the manga of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection, carrying Suzaku Kururugi disguised as Zero.


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