Black Knights' Submarine

Black Knights' Submarine

Black Knights' Submarine




The Black Knights


Military District of India

Propulsion Engine

Hydro Propulsion


Six Torpedo Launchers
Six Cruise Missile Launchers
Two Slash Harken-like Anchors

Special Equipment

Knightmare Frame
Stealth System (Due to Gefjun Disturber)

Number of Crew

More than 10 people


Kyoshiro Tohdoh

Prior to creating the Ikaruga for the Black Knights in season 2, Rakshata Chawla provided them with a high-speed submarine, which is simply known as "Black Knights' Submarine" (黒の騎士団潜水艦, Kuro no Kishi-Dan Sensuikan) which served as the Black Knights' base during their time in Area 11. The status of the Black Knights' Submarine following the Black Rebellion is unknown, but it was mostly likely replaced by the Ikaruga.

Design and SpecificationsEdit

Designed for the Black Knights, the submarine was provided by the Military District of India. It houses all of the Black Knights members and has an array of rooms including the command room and cafeteria. It also has storage room to store various cargo as well as knightmares. For weapons, the submarine is equipped with six torpedo launchers and cruise missile launcers with detonators. Additionally, it has two Slash Harken-like anchors and stealth system as a result from the Gefjun Disturber.


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