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The Benihozuki (紅鬼灯 Benihozuki) is a Black Knights Knightmare Frame given to Zero Squad member Benio Akagi by Zero.

Design and Specifications[]

After Benio's first combat mission in the Zero Squad, Kallen decided she should have her own custom Knightmare Frame, and Zero approved her request. Built from a backup Guren Type-02 unit, the Benihozuki is functionally similar to it, though it received a new head unit. The biggest difference with the Guren however, is its primary weapon, the Special Type Arm. The weapon was taken from the Burai Custom and modified with a retractable Radiant Wave Surger, and can switch between it, its normal manipulators and the pile bunker.

The Benihozuki also carries a cannon on its left arm for range combat, however, sometimes the knightmare could use both weapons in conjunction. Other than that, the Benihozuki is as fast, deadly and agile as the Guren.

Operational History[]



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