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Battle of Slonim
Part of Euro-Britannian War
Red Gloucester 2
Ashley Ashra's Gloucester on top of an orthodox church
Date December 2017 a.t.b.
Location Slonim, Belarus
Result Initial EU Victory, later Euro-Britannian Victory
Slonim and other territories briefly reclaimed by the EU but later falls back into Britannian hands
Europia United Euro Britannia
Leila Malcal Shin Hyuga Shaing
Jean Rowe
Ashley Ashra
4 Alexander Type-02s
15+ Alexander Drones
5 Liverpools
Many Sutherlands
8 Customized Gloucesters
Ultra-Long Range Cannons
1 G-1 Base
Casualties and Losses
3 Alexander Type-02s
All Alexander Drones
All Liverpools
3+ Sutherlands
3 Customized Gloucesters
Johanne Fabius

The Battle of Slonim was an event that occurred in Code Geass: Akito the Exiled.

The Battle[]

During the Euro-Britannian War, the W-0 was tasked with sending a small task force to land behind enemy lines in Euro Britannian territory with the intent of weakening their defenses and allowing EU forces to push through and reclaim lost ground in Eastern Europe and assist the E.U. forces in Warsaw. Leila Malcal took part in the operation for the first time rather than overseeing it from Caste Weisswolf. The team soon landed behind Britannian lines via from orbit and the landing was for the most part smooth. Ryo Sayama had attempted to kill Leila and Akito out of revenge from being captured by them but, he called it off as Britannian forces soon spotted them and began hitting them with a barage of attacks from ultra-long range cannons.

The W-0 forces soon fled into the woods and ran into Britannian Knightmares within minutes as one of the Alexander Drones was destroyed by a small squad of Britannian Liverpool Knightmares, the latter of which was wipped out by Akito. Sutherlands soon arrived but were easily destroyed and the W-0 pushed forward in advance as Jean Rowe reported it to Shin Hyuga Shaing from the G-1 Base. Shin then leaves for Slonim along with Jeanne and they both oversee the battle as Ashley Ashra and his team lead the main assault against the W-0 first taking out their drones and then attacking the manned units.